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10 Training modules. That's all it takes to gain a comprehensive understanding and all the practical skills required to leverage maximum benefit from all of Monstrante's offerings. For greater detail on what the 10 modules cover, please see the modules below.

Module 01

Strategic planning, enterprise strategy and the strategy map.

Module 2

Translation of the strategy into operational activities; agendas, minutes, meeting documents and procedures.

Module 3

Constitution of enterprise, delegation of authority and code of conduct.

Module 4

Job descriptions for managers, job grading systems and market-related remuneration; remuneration policy and performance bonus policy.

Module 5

Performance management policy for management staff; evaluation questionnaire and structure for employment interviews and corporate management guideline. 

Module 6

Risk management framework; risk management register; charter for risk management committee and crisis communication plan.

Module 7

Style guide; charter for audit/financial committee and emergency plan.

Employment contracts; disciplinary code and grievance procedure; financial policy and master terrain development plan.

Module 9

Customer satisfaction index questionnaire and survey; social media policy; approval register and contract register.

Module 10

Performance measurement for Board; presentation at Annual General Meeting and induction of new Board.

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Principals, deputy principals and senior staff members of six schools in Tshwane, successfully completed the 10 modules of Monstrante's training program on Corporate Management in Schools.