Monstrante®’s training programme, Corporate governance – the “How”, consists of ten modules all underlying the specific rules and practices that ensures accountability, fairness and transparency in the decision-making process of your school or organisation. The following modules form part of this programme:

Module 1

Strategic planning, enterprise strategy and the compilation of a strategy map.

Module 2

The translation of the company or school’s strategy into operational activities as well as the compilation of proper agendas, minutes, meeting documents and procedures to ensure effective and shorter meetings.

Module 3

Governing body members ought to monitor implementation of their enterprise strategy, set out the delegation of decision-making authority and measure the performance of the institution. This module deals with the constitution, delegation of powers, a code of conduct for the governing body and the performance criteria and targets.

Module 4

This module teaches you how to draft a proper job description that can be graded using an acceptable job-grading system, how market related remuneration is calculated according to reliable market surveys and how this can be incorporated in a remuneration policy.

Module 5

To ensure that remuneration align with the performance of the enterprise, a performance evaluation system is critical as well as the appointment of skilled staff. Module 5 includes a performance evaluation system for management, an evaluation questionnaire, structuring of employment interviews and corporate management guidelines.

Module 6

The risk and how a worldwide pandemic can influence an institution’s achievement of its goals was unimaginable. This module teaches how to draft a risk management framework, constitute a risk management committee and its charter as well as a risk management register and crisis communication plan.

Module 7

A corporate identity provides visual cohesion and ensures that all corporate communications are coherent and encapsulates the organisation or school’s ethos. Module 7 deals with a style guide to ensure cohesion and includes an Audit-/Finance committee charter and emergency plan.

Module 8

Governing bodies strive to recruit and maintain the services of the most skilled people. This module discusses the importance of employment contracts, a disciplinary code and grievance procedure and effective financial management.

Module 9

Satisfied clients, learners, parents and staff will let you prosper in many ways. Module 9 explains the importance of measuring the satisfaction of major stakeholders, having a social media policy in place and a contract register to ensure proper record keeping. 

Module 10

During Module 10, the activities of the governing body, in terms of most of the aspects presented in the training programme, are evaluated. It also discusses the presentation to stakeholder groups and parents at the annual general meeting. The training programme concludes with an induction programme for new governing body members.

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