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To have a positive attitude in times of trouble is not easy, yet one can develop one’s skills and disciplines to aid one in acting in an appropriate manner when things go wrong. This programme is specifically developed to equip young people with the necessary tools to create a positive, growth orientated approach to troublesome times.


The programme will consist of the following lesson topics:


Lesson 1

  • When you’re losing, everything hurts

  • Humility: The spirit of learning

  • Reality: The foundation of learning

  • Responsibility: The first step of learning

Lesson 2

  • Improvement: The focus of learning

  • Hope: The motivation of learning

  • Teachability: The pathway of learning

Lesson 3

  • Adversity: The catalyst for learning

  • Problems: Opportunities for learning

  • Bad experiences: The perspective for learning

Lesson 4

  • Change: The price of learning

  • Maturity: The value of learning

  • Winning isn’t everything, but learning is



Any setback in our lives can be transformed into a step forward if we have the right tools to change a losing situation into a winning one. In his book, Dr John C. Maxwell provides a map of what to do once you are faced with adversity. This map guides one to overcome challenges despite one’s problems, failures and losses.

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