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Monstrante® guides organisations and schools with their strategic planning process to determine where they want to be in the future in relation to where they are now and in answering questions on the road to achieve their ultimate strategic goals.


Monstrante® facilitates strategic workshops and -sessions with the support of an experienced facilitator, a slideshow and relevant video clips to enable executive teams to formulate a proper enterprise strategy.


Furthermore, we train and support executive teams and/or individuals to write an enterprise strategy document for approval, that includes a strategy map which sets out the organisation or school's strategic goals and projects to achieve these goals.


An enterprise strategy only has value if it is implemented. Monstrante® will guide and teach executive teams and/or individuals to compile a comprehensive document in which all the strategic objectives referred to in the strategy map are translated into operational activities to be executed in order to ensure proper execution of the enterprise strategy.


Monstrante® provides business consultancy services in relation to the enterprise strategy, corporate governance, John C. Maxwell leadership- and personal development programmes, coaching and mentoring of executives and managers and the CliftonStrengths® on an hourly consultancy fee or monthly retention fee.

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