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Corporate governance is the rules and practices that ensures accountability, fairness and transparency in the decision-making process of any organisation and aids in protecting its reputation.

We know WHAT to do to govern our organisation or school but sometimes find the HOW challenging.


With Monstrante®’s training programme, Corporate governance – the “How”, we help your school or organisation to reach its own peak.


The programme is specifically aimed at executives, senior personnel and board members of companies as well as principals, vice-principals, management staff, head of departments and members of school governing bodies. The course offers practical guidance on drawing up, securing approval for and implementing good corporate governance principles in organisations and schools.


The course consists of ten modules and the necessary policy documents will be made available after the programme on Monstrante®’s app, the Business Navigator. This app allows trainees to draw up documents with their own branding. 


Monstrante®'s software platform, the Business Navigator, has an easy to use interface where all documents, guidelines and policies can be drafted and generated in a professional manner using Monstrante®'s templates and examples.

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Choose, edit and print over 35 templates and 350 pages and examples of documents, guidelines and policies to produce your own branded corporate documents. This will ensure that you comply with good corporate management principles and policies. 

Take a tour of our templates

In order to gain a better understanding of our range of templates, please select the contact us button to request a PDF sample of some of our templates. Should you require a comprehensive list, please request this in an email and we'll be in contact with you.

In order to gain a better understanding of the practical functionality of Business Navigator, please select the book now button and request a presentation of the software platform.

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