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In Leading from the Lockers, you’ll discover tools to turbo-charge your leadership skills in all areas of your life – from dealing with issues of friendships and integrity to handling change and pressure.” This course is based on John C. Maxwell’s book. Although it is based on Christian values, the core principles are universal. Each learner will receive a book, containing all the reading material that will be discussed during the sessions.


Themes that will be discussed in the programme:


  • You can be a leader

  • Stop and take notice

  • Integrity: wearing yourself inside out

  • Change: moving on

  • How to get it all done

  • What to do when problems come your way

  • Self-Discipline: exercising your willpower

  • What’s your attitude?

  • From dreams to reality

  • Your turn to lead



“Why learn about leadership? Because – and this may come as a shocker – you’re already a leader. No joke. Whether you’re shy or the school president, you’ll influence thousands of people during your life. The only questions are – how will you influence them and what kind of leader will you be?"

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